Back from a hiatus!

Broken Republic is back rehearsing after a short hiatus!

Members of the band have been away in India to study sound and check on charitable work carried out for No More Durty Water by Calcutta Rescue.

They have also recently returned from Copenhagen Jazz Festival, where they worked as stage technicians and made many friends. We are hoping to play in Denmark soon.

Our drummer has just finished his University course and is now a qualified hearing aid audiologist – congratulations to him for this achievement.

More news and gig information to follow shortly!


Separated into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain.


A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives.

BROKEN REPUBLIC have spent considered time developing their sound and honing their message.

Their sonic picture contains elements of jazz, blues, hip-hop, country, psychedelic soundscapes and beat-poetry. They use these genres as vehicles to carry their political message.

The band are concerned by the implications of consumer culture and the pursuit of short-term gain at the expense of others. We feel that human potential is being destroyed whilst moneylenders and corporations take no responsibility for their continuous destruction of land, illegal acquisition of resources and immoral treatment of people.

Current social systems provide an image of individuality and freedom of choice for the masses, but in actual fact only afford this status to an elite minority that enjoy the privilege of bending constitutional law to their own will.

Time and again entire peoples are born into servitude.

Where lies self-governance and dignity?

The band name was initially inspired by 3 collected essays written by Arundhati Roy entitled BROKEN REPUBLIC. The writings concern the juxtaposition of great financial potential and deep poverty and injustice in India. Unfortunately, this situation is reflective of the entire world.

“There’s a war….on one side the poor

and on the other side the sellers of the hills.”